Network Routers, Switches and Firewalls

Network Routers, Switches And Firewalls

We design, deploy and provide IT services for routers, switches, firewalls for greenfield as well as for brownfield data centres, IT organizations, large and small scale buildings.

⦁ LAN/WAN network topologies and deployment methodology.
⦁ Configure/integrate IP solutions to network.
⦁ Delivering detailed High level and LLD documents.
⦁ Manage and Maintain a stable and optimized network over transport devices servers along with life cycle managements for network elements and IP peripheral devices.
⦁ Establish configuration management over routing protocols and VPNs.
⦁ Network architecture development, optimization and project methodologies.
⦁ Layer 2 Managed Switches
⦁ Layer 3 Managed Switches
⦁ ADSL Routers
⦁ POE switches
⦁ Media Converters
⦁ VDSL switches
⦁ Mid Span Devices